About Us

We are KIWI owned & operated!

Services & history

Vongob started as a statement against the sloppy professional standards that dominated the field of Information Technology 20-years ago. We wanted to set a new, high standard and provide simple, cost effective solutions without all the industry jargon.

We understand our clients requirements: Professional, low cost, no fuss website solutions that work AND, no surprises or unexpected costs.

Of course, our clients also want "all the bells and whistles" for their web solutions.

Vongob can deliver these results!

woman in black shirt wearing sunglasses
woman in black shirt wearing sunglasses


A business website should not cost the earth. In fact they need to be such low cost, and effective that a business owner should want multiples of websites. Who wouldn't want more "chomps at the pie"?

One of the driving reasons businesses stay with their old, outdated website is the previous build was painful and expensive. These are the very sloppy and unprofessional standards Vongob.com is calling out!

If a web company cannot advertise a price for their product, then they don't know their business! We do, and we've made it easy and super cost effective.

green mountain under white sky during daytime
green mountain under white sky during daytime